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Rodolfo Rosso grew up among vineyards and blended in with all the viticulture process. This enabled him to give the best of himself to the development of his companies in Mendoza, Argentina and Mexico.

His life has been focused on his family and on transforming harvests of excellent grapes into the perfect source to elaborate his best wines, to bring the


highest quality, dedication, and passion of the Loma Alta team to all the families of the world.

Rodolfo was born in Mendoza, Argentina. He faced more than seven years of work and challenges in Santiago de Chile, followed by the last twelve years in Mexico City.



This year, the group finalized its first international sales experience with the commercial development in Mexico City, through Alto Vilero trade mark (Malbec 2009). This was possible thanks to his friends and partners' collaboration from that country and due to advertising in Argentine restaurants.
By 2013, sales forecast will be aimed at developing Loma Alta and Familia Rosso trademarks in Mexico, together with other brands from the areas of Agrelo and Maipú. In order to do this, the group already has its own wine distributor in Argentina which is called Agrelo Wine.
Among the projects included in the masterplan, there is a new model winery which has a capacity of 40,000 liters. It will be the place for making Familia Rosso high-end wines. 


For the Rosso Family their wine is the fruit of hard work and dedication so, it has become not only an excellent quality product but also an excuse to bring people together and help them share special moments.
It is the spirit of a new relationship. When one of our bottles of wine is opened, it is released the magic that blends hard work, dedication, excellence and exquisite bouquet and that brings the possibility to toast for life and union one more time. 

For these reasons, Loma Alta designs their wines from the beginning, thinking on the preferences of their clients. Since the concept phase, and through each of the processing steps that occur in the wine making hall until the bottles are set on the table, our delicately and coherently thought wines are ready to please every person due to their characteristic young and easy to drink qualities.