History and Present

From the Italian Piedmont the passion that Rodolfo Rosso ignites in the creation of the FAMILIA ROSSO wines comes to our land.

Rodolfo belongs to the third generation of wine producers from the Rosso family who, together with their children Franco, Florencia and Giuliana develop this project.

The passion and winemaking tradition of the current generations is present when converting high quality grape harvests into the best wines of the Family, so that they reach every glass in the world as a faithful reflection of commitment and dedication whilst creating unique moments.

The wines of Familia Rosso are present in Mexico, Canada, Paraguay, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Argentina.

With the current commercial development we plan to be in 15 countries by 2021, fulfilling the objectives of immersing ourselves in the main international cities with high-end wine consumers.


Tradition & Family contributing to the quality of life.


We are creators of high quality products; made with love, passion and respect for the earth and environment.


Honesty, Passion, Innovation, Environmental care.